What You Get from CAMERADOJO

  • Photography introduction
  • What is Cameradojo
  • What can you get from that site

Photography is both a science and an art focused on capturing beautiful images. Each photographer has their own specific style and flavor that is unique. As they say, no photo is the same. With photography though, in order to be good, you have to have the proper skills and the right equipment. And even that doesn’t automatically make you a good one. You have to have an eye for it as well as the passion to take good photos. Trust me, that passion will definitely reflect in the photos you take.

As an entry level photographer, I stumbled upon a great website when I was doing a bit of research on which gears to buy. This website is called CAMERADOJO. I found this website to be quite helpful and informative. It allowed me to easily find a camera drone because I was trying to dabble on aerial photography at that time. And believe me, it was quite a find. Up to this day, I still have that drone and I still use it from time to time. But enough of myself, let’s talk about this website.

CAMERADOJO was founded by a photographer named Kerry Garrison. Kerry noticed that there was not enough websites that provide useful information, especially about camera drones. That was the whole reason why he made that website, because at that time, he was also starting to get in to aerial photography. He made sure that the website is dedicated to people who love photography.

So what resources can you find in this website? There’s a lot you can find really. There are reviews(which are very honest), tutorials and did I mention that there is a forum? Yes, the forum alone is already a treasure trove. There are a lot of photography enthusiasts that participate in that forum. You can really find a lot of useful and helpful information. So, if I were you, I’d go check that website now!


All About Remote Control Quadcopters

  • Learning how to maneuver these drones through a remote control
  • Drone use for a much improved photography in the process
  • An online site that has the best collection of rc quadcopters

The good thing about these new gadgets in photography is that they have remote controls (rc), in particular with these quadcopters. An rc quadcopter, nevertheless, is one of the sought-after tools in photography lately because without it, these quadcopters can’t function that well.


Now, finding a great rc quadcopter is quite daunting at times. Not that they are hard to find, but because there’s an enormous number of rc quadcopters online, with almost the same features, that the finding process becomes a bit laborious, let alone difficult.

But why not check out quadcopteguru.com today? This is the site to go to as soon as you think about buying an rc quadcopter. They have a list of the best remote controls for your mini planes, so you can navigate them with ease and comfort. Their listing is quite complete with its corresponding price tags and reviews.

And speaking of reviews, it is imperative, though, that you read their reviews about their tools. An rc quadcopter from quadcopterguru.com is not your typical drone with minimal features at times, it is, in fact, as sophisticated as its quadcopter, where you get to use a lot of features for the improvement of your angles. And you can read and study these things in great details with these quadcopterguru.com reviews.

Get that rc quadcopter now and start using it with your drone. Make sure, though, that you check out quadcopterguru’s reviews first before navigating this tool. That’s how good these gadgets are for the improvement of your photography. It makes things easy for you as soon as you grind it out, navigating your photography to new heights by controlling it through an rc quadcopter.


Lightroom and Your Wedding Photo Images

  • A list of Lightroom presets for the editing of your wedding photos
  • Incorporating a variety of effects on your wedding photos through Lightroom
  • Creating exciting and colorful wedding photos via Lightroom presets

Enhancing the images of your wedding photos is only possible if you can use tools that enhances the color and texture of your photos. Tools such as these wedding presets Lightroom, where you get to enhance photos the way designers do with their images.

If you are fond of posting pictures on your social media page or your website, then Lightroom is the photo app for you. Lightroom uses presets for you to come up with images that perk up the imagination of your viewers. Now, if you can do that with your wedding photos that would make your wedding experience even more memorable.


These wedding presets Lightroom has its varied features for you to make artsy effects on your wedding photos. You now have the chance and the tools to become a designer with these wedding presets Lightroom.

Make the images in your wedding photos more vibrant and exciting through these wedding presets Lightroom. Take your viewers into that special moment when those pictures were taken. You cannot do that, though, if you’re still using these old-fashioned photo apps around. With these wedding presets Lightroom, you can relive your wedding moment repeatedly.

So get hold of these wedding presets Lightroom now and experience that moment again. How exciting would it be if you can recreate those moments in your wedding through the effects that these wedding presets Lightroom can do to your photos. That’s what wedding photos are supposed to be.

Make these wedding presets Lightroom, the tools of the photography trade, a part of your wedding preparation.  And the rest, they say, will take care of itself.


Photos and Presets with Lightroom

  • List of presets online for the development and enhancements of your photos
  • Less hassle when it comes to editing photos with Lightroom presets
  • Creating technically-sophisticated photos via Lightroom presets torrent

The desire to come up with stunning, quality pictures is always a standard operating procedure for every photo enthusiast. But if you are using Lightroom presets torrent for your photos, you need not worry at all.

These Lightroom presets torrent are your ultimate solution for the enhancement of your photos. In it, you will be able to choose among its varied list the kind of presets that would make improvements to your photos.

As soon as you get hold of these Lightroom presets torrent, though, it is only a matter of time before you can create tons of effect for your photos. So diversified is its collection that for every style you can think of these Lightroom presets torrent has a corresponding preset to it.

It’s handy, easy to use and fits perfectly well with your personality. Nowhere has photo editing been this easy. And to think that you can access these presets free online.

You need not go further online anymore. It is always a thing of beauty if you can create different effects with your photos on any given day. That is only made possible with Lightroom presets torrent.

So get that appropriate preset or collection now with these Lightroom presets torrent. Don’t waste any more time trying to make do with ordinary photo apps that doesn’t improve the color and texture of your photos. Settle with those that make significant improvements to your photos.

There’s less hassle with Lightroom because even if you are new to the app, there is a video tutorial for you to follow. And with that, you get the best possible enhancements to your photos with Lightroom presets torrent.


Great Laptops for Some Great Photos

  • Top laptops for your photo editing needs
  • Laptops with great processors for faster editing
  • Laptops with great pixels for quality photos in the process

When buying a laptop, you don’t just settle for its style or form, more important, though, you need to consider its features also, particularly its performance. This is quite imperative when you are into photo editing. You need to be able to look for a laptop that can cater your photo editing needs.


Laptops that have great resolutions and with processors that functions well are some of the things you need to consider when buying a laptop for your photo editing.

The following, moreover, are the top 10 laptops for photo editing & photography in 2016.

  • Dell Inspiron i7559-3762GRY
  • ASUS ZenBook Pro UHD
  • ASUS K501UX-AH71 FHD
  • Acer Aspire E5-573G
  • Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition
  • Lenovo Z70
  • Dell XPS 13
  • MSI GE62 APACHE-276
  • Lenovo Y700

Most of these laptops have high screen resolutions ranging from 3200 x 1800 to 2560 x 1600 to 1920 x 1080 pixels, which makes for quality photos in the process.

They have these Intel Core i7 processors that’s quite basic when it comes to photo processing, and that these laptops have good RAM, which requires a minimum of 8GB RAM for those photo editing.

So check out these top 10 laptops for photo editing & photography in 2016. Choosing the right kind of laptop is crucial if you’re going to get serious with your photo and Mircrosoft word resume template editing. You won’t be able to come up with effects if your laptop is not that complete compared to this list.

These top 10 laptops for photo editing & photography in 2016 will help you achieve those kinds of effects. They make your photo editing a lot easier and faster than an ordinary laptop. Choose among this list and start using them for the enhancement of your photos.


Improving Your Pics in 1000 Ways with Lightroom

  • Collections of presets for Lightroom to use for your photos
  • A photo-editing app that even beginners can easily understand and use
  • Enhancing photos that perk up the imagination of viewers

Photo editing isn’t so problematic to ordinary photo enthusiasts unlike in the old days. With the accessibility of these photo apps online, creating a variety of effects on your photos isn’t as daunting as it used to be.


Thanks mainly to Lightroom; photo editing is now easy and accessible even for beginners. With over 1000 presets for Lightroom that you can use for the enhancements of these photos, hard to imagine that you cannot come up with the appropriate effect for every type of image you have.

Yes, there’s indeed over 1000 presets for Lightroom available online, and that every type of presets has its own unique feature, all for the development and enhancement of your photo images.

Imagine the impact it would create to photography in general. That means photographers, designers and even social media fanatics can now produce quality photos at the drop of a hat, creating tons of effects that perk up the imagination of your viewers.

And if there are over 1000 presets for Lightroom, that also means you can create your own collection of it based on the different effects you have experimented with its presets, since you can make specific editing through layers and layers of images at your disposal. That is how Lightroom is changing the way we enhance our photo images, if not for photography as a whole.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these presets and improve the quality of your photos. No doubt, with over 1000 presets for Lightroom available on the web, it is only a matter of time before you can come up with photo images that will last a lifetime.


Brushing Your Photos with Lightroom

  • Intricate editing through the use of brush presets for Lightroom
  • A list of brushes for you to use for the development of your photo images
  • Editing hard to enhance images via Lightroom brushes

Detailed photo editing is a tough act to follow at times. You need a special kind of tool to be able to do that. You can’t just use ordinary photo editing apps and expect some detailed enhancement afterwards. That doesn’t work that way. It is imperative that you scour for some special too for that specific enhancement.

But you can only do that sort of editing with these Lightroom brush presets. These brushes, aside from its perennial presets, offer more than just mere editing, it enhances even those elements that intricate and oftentimes hard to improve.


Lightroom covers every dirty work when it comes to photo editing. This collection of Lightroom brush presets delivers all the possible enhancements you can think of if you delve deeper into the texture of your photo.

You can straighten its lines; make recuperations on those damaged parts of your good action camera photo, so that they look better than before. That’s how flexible these brushes are on your photos, it brings to life the potential flatness of a photo by enhancing those roughshod edges.

Try these brushes now and make significant improvements to your photo. Start brushing your way through of producing beautiful and stunning pictures that you can only see within the pages of a glossy magazine.

Let out that hidden talent of yours as a potential photographer in the making. And you can start nurturing that through these Lightroom brush presets. It is actually your ticket towards a more exciting photo posting on your website or social media account.

So detailed editing isn’t as hard as you may think, that is, if you only use these Lightroom brush presets. And you would notice that your photo images will never be the same again. That they have become modern classics in their own right.


Free Actions for Your Dynamic Photos

  • Rich, ornate Photoshop actions to use for your pics
  • Editing and enhancing pictures through Photoshop actions
  • Developing as a photographer with Photoshop actions

Your photos are in need of some improvement. For days, you have been contemplating of making adjustments in its color and even in on contrast, so you scour the web trying to find the best possible photo solution out there, but you end up falling short. You need not worry now, because these free Photoshop actions will take care of it.

Photoshop is making things easy for you. It has free Photoshop actions that you can download online, depending on the style and effect you want with your photos. And you don’t need your friendly neighborhood photographer anymore when you edit your pictures; Photoshop has all the tools for you to achieve that specific effect.


These free Photoshop actions are so varied that any style is quite possible as soon as you incorporate it with your photo. And for every effect, though, there is a corresponding “action” to it.

The idea, nonetheless, of putting that element of action on your static image is quite impossible to say the least. But with Photoshop, you can achieve that kind of effect without necessarily altering its original image. If that is not advantageous, then that is nothing short of amazing.

Photoshop is changing the way we enhance our photos. Its tools allow you to make adjustments with your photo’s color, luminosity and saturation levels, so you can have that complete transformation or enhancement of your photo.

What are you waiting for? Download these free Photoshop actions today and make them a part of your photo editing from now on.

These are no ordinary photos; they are enhanced by these free Photoshop actions, which you can get anytime online. Such is the benefit of having this app beside you, making your pictures interesting and more engaging in the process.

Don’t let your favorite Photoshop action pass you, or you run the risk of losing your followers online all because your photographs dull and unimaginative. With these free Photoshop, your pictures will definitely improve.


Real-like Images through Lightroom

  • Editing your pictures in a convenient way with Lightroom presets
  • Free, accessible presets available online
  • Photo-enhancing tool that has its own storing system

You would notice that many of these pictures posted online do have one thing in common, that is, their images are so lifelike they seemed to come out of that photo. Yes, these images have that 3D effect on it that you can’t help but wonder what kind of tools were used on these images that they looked so real. The answer: Lightroom presets.

These presets for Lightroom come with different features. Gone are those old-fashioned tools for the enhancement of your photo images with only its colors are enhanced. With these presets, though, you can actually change the mood, the atmosphere and even those minute details on your photo without altering its original image.


And these presets for Lightroom are accessible online. You can easily access or get presets free, depending on your need or style. It is so convenient in that you now have a specific preset for every effect you have in mind.

If you want that vintage feel of your photo, or turning your portrait into that pencil draw, black and white mode, or creating that hazy afternoon atmosphere, these presets for Lightroom has it all. It will literally turn your photo fantasy into something real, close to real life, with additional effects.

How handy these presets for Lightroom are, because you can even save them in its customized storing system, where you can save or even share these photos in album form. Such is the advantage of having these presets with you.

Download these presets now, and let your photo posting online a lot better than it used to be. And you will notice the difference right from the very start. People will not only notice the improvements on your photo, they will look at you as if you’re a seasoned photographer. And it is all made possible with the kind of tools you used, i.e., these presets for Lightroom.


SAC Directions

From the 110: Take the Downtown 4th Street Exit. (4th street is a one-way street.) Drive on 4th Street east to Spring Street. Turn south on Spring Street.

From the 101: Take the Spring Street exit. (Spring St. is a one-way street.) Take Spring south apprx. 5 blocks.


SAC Gallery
The Spring Arts Collective Gallery is located at 453 S. Spring St. on the Mezzanine Level of the Spring Arts Tower Building-(northwest corner of Spring and 5th Street.)

The parking lot adjacent to the Spring Arts Tower is open Mon-Fri until 6pm.

After 6pm: DAW Parking Sponsor- Athena Parking- Indoor parking structure at 415 S. Main St.
$5 Flat Rate (no in and out) Open 24 hours.

Metro trains run past midnight. Closest stop is Pershing Sq at 5th St.

FREE “Hippodrome” shuttle service is provided from 6-10pm hosted by “Esotouric”

Live performances and information are provided on the bus.